Kaleido Company is an arts in health business based in Perth, Western Australia. Kaleido specialises in contemporary circus, combining acrobatic feats with elements of dance, music and theatre.

Kaleido was first established in late 2016 to provide opportunities for artistic collaborations between talented performers within Perth, Western Australia. Stylistically, Kaleido focuses on productions with literary, meaningful underpinnings. In particular, the creation of works based on scientific research.

The benefit of utilising the arts for well-being has been increasingly recognised in recent years. A study by population health professor Dr. Christina Davies found that two hours of engagement in the arts per week is required to remain mentally healthy.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every 40 seconds someone takes their own life. Kaleido Company seeks to reduce this statistic through increasing engagement in performing arts. By engaging in cross-disciplinary collaborations we aspire to reach new heights of creativity while inspiring and empowering people to cultivate their own creative selves along the way. If it touches just one life, it is worth doing.