Photos: Infamouss Clicks Photography
50 minute aerial cabaret-style show

Kaleido Company presents Perth's finest selection of babes, broads, and chicks with tricks. Be prepared for a tantalizing night of gravity-defying acts, amusing antics and unhinged interludes in this cabaret-style aerial show. Expect the unexpected with many twists and turns along the way. These ladies are all kinds of strong, sexy and quirky, and at times a bizarre blend of all three.

Ladies of the Big Top premiered in early 2018 and quickly became a hit both locally and internationally. The production is aerial-based with a range of ground acts and comedic skits in-between. It is not restricted to a big top and can be presented anywhere with height, from the theatre to the street.

While the production has previously been presented as a 15+ show, it can be tailored to suit younger or more mature audiences.



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