Photos: Josh Wells Photography / Regal Theatre 2017
60 minute theatre production

​Journey beyond compliance as four individuals create their own realities through live music, object manipulation, acrobatic and aerial feats.

The Creativity Project is a theatrical circus production inspired by struggles with contemporary society. We are all born creative however over time, societal structures make it difficult to cultivate this natural instinct. Drawing on scientific findings that suggest creativity plays a key role in our mental well-being, the characters venture from childhood to adulthood experiencing the gut-wrenching lows and surreal highs of everyday life. Explore the forces that help determine your creative expression and the impact that this can have on all aspects of life.

A visually stunning yet profound show that will leave you with a fresh perspective on societal structures and your own individual life.

"Research by Dr Davies from the School of Population and Global Health at The University of Western Australia found that two hours per week of arts engagement (e.g. music, singing, dancing, painting, colouring books, attending concerts, reading novels) in associated with good mental wellbeing (see

“The Creativity Project” by Kaleido Company is a great way to engage in the arts for wellbeing.  Using emotive music, dramatic lighting, and skillfully performed acrobatic movement it takes you on an interesting and personally relevant journey about the impact creativity has on our everyday lives and makes you question why society makes it difficult for everyday people to openly indulge in artistic interests as we used to as children. I found the theatrical circus production thought provoking, exquisitely choreographed and performed, elegant and definitely worth seeing.  
A great hour in the theatre."

Professor Colleen Fisher

Head of School of Population and Global Health

University of Western Australia 

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